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Our Plans for the Future


The new Welsh Jewish Cultural Centre  will convey the life and contribution of the Welsh Jewish community. We will tell the story of centuries of Jewish history within Wales. Our exhibitions will cover a myriad of subjects - from  Jewish culture and values to the Jewish calendar and life cycle. 


We will also be looking at Jewish relations with wider society and examining the impact of world events including the Holocaust.  We will preserve the stories of the past in order to play a meaningful role in society today.

What will be included in the Cultural Centre?

The Welsh Jewish Cultural Centre will tell the stories of the Jewish community in Wales. We will have a series of permanent and temporary exhibitions in our museum, and we will develop educational programmes and curriculum resources to support these.


We plan to offer arts and culture programmes linked to the Welsh Jewish story and migrant experience - including lectures and workshops, festivals and events. We'll also work with our local community to include them in our plans and will our building will be available to hire for functions and meetings. 

Over the next few years, we want to develop:

Our Vision for the Synagogue

Our architects at GWP Architecture have created two impressive renderings, showing how the inside of the former synagogue can be transformed.


We will represent shared heritage

We will represent Jewish, Welsh, British

and European heritage.


The synagogue preservation is part of a visionary project that will educate people about the Jewish history and traditions in Wales.

We will help examine contemporary issues

The Welsh Jewish Cultural Centre will create a safe space for examining contemporary issues around religious and ethnic diversity. We will act as an advocate inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue, to help combat ignorance and prejudice. 

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